AcadMentors is an initiative of Focus Edumatics Pvt. Ltd. Focus Edumatics entered the learning space in the year 1999 and pursued its vision of becoming an EdTech company. For more than two decades in the industry, it has been offering personalized learning solutions for K–12 students in the United States. Focus Edumatics is the offshore arm of US-based Focus Eduvation and FEV Tutor. FEV Tutor is our award-winning, online tutoring platform that has grabbed a considerable amount of market share in the USA over the past seven years.

As a result of consistent research and efforts, our company has developed new online tutoring platforms for the K–12 market in the US. Our tutoring products include FEV Tutor (Virtual 1:1 Tutoring service), Tutor Guru (Online coding platform), FEV Tutor AI (AI-based tutoring platform) and FEV Math (AI-based on-demand math app). We have been teaching subjects like Math, Science, English, and Computer Science online to US school students. In addition to this, we are also introducing coding and new AI-assisted learning opportunities.

AcadMentors is a program designed to support our tutoring operations. It is a platform specially launched to train aspirants who are willing to teach online. In other words, we offer job skills training and on-the-job training to our potential candidates to make them proficient online tutors. We not only provide training, but we also employ them to work on our tutoring platforms. The goal of AcadMentors is to train tutors to be completely capable of handling K-12 international students.

Mentor Certification

Do you aspire to be a Certified Mentor? We are providing an opportunity for people to become academic mentors. Our AcadMentors initiative allows aspiring individuals to develop learning strategies and sustain a learning culture. 

The Future of Online Learning and Development Programs are aimed at helping individuals strengthen their core and power skills in order to create a roadmap for the future. 

The core skills curriculum will cover facilitation skills, preparing learners to be competent future mentors in online education. 

The power skills curriculum will cover delivering impact through consulting skills.

200+hours of immersive program spread over 6 weeks

Who is this programme for?

This program is designed for both experienced tutors and freshers interested in becoming online mentors. Individuals who want to prepare themselves for the future in terms of training, learning, and development are also eligible to join

Why enrol for this program?

      • A holistic program: The curriculum covers some of the most important aspects of an online mentor program.
      • A future-oriented program: The program focuses on teaching skills-of-the-future that are predicted to be critical for online learning, such as virtual training, consulting, data analytics, digital fluency, and more.
      • Learning by doing’ program design approaches learning largely through on-the-job training, so that the learning is not purely academic.
      • This program addresses critical aspects of online learning, with the tools to continuously provide feedback and improve the online learning experience.
      • Every individual who successfully completes the Mentor program will have a job guarantee; the offer will be extended.
      • On completion of the Mentor Program, a certificate will be issued.



Experience Summary

AcadMentors is a part of Focus Edumatics Private Limited, an EdTech company with more than 15 years of industry experience.

  • The Focus group entered the learning space in 1999 with the mantra ‘Innovate,” “Educate,” and “Elevate.”
  • A learning and content management company developed and implemented for B2B clients in the USA.
  • The client base includes universities, publishers, and corporates across the United States of America.
  • We entered the K12 segment in the year 2012 and currently have 1000+ schools and 300,000 students to our credit.
  • We have a proven track record for driving academic gains and student growth across our programs.


Our training module is a combination of subject knowledge, communication skills, and supplementary computer skill set. It is designed to sharpen your subject knowledge and also job-related skills. Firstly, we ensure that you have a solid understanding of the subject matter to deliver online classes according to the US curriculum. Secondly, we ensure you have the right communication abilities to deliver the lessons effectively. We’ll train you to sharpen your communication skills. In addition to this, our training module assesses and improves your typing and other computer skills.

  • The trainees learn instructional strategies for teaching students in the United States.
  • This module is designed to give students knowledge about student engagement and the tutoring process. 
  • Learners will study fundamental core subject topics from Grade 3 to higher grades.
  • It covers advanced English, functional linguistics, social languages, and philosophical foundations in English.
  • The Math training module covers core math concepts like advanced algebra, functions, shape and space, and measurement.


We are welcoming candidates with any bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in the arts, science, and technology. Currently, we are training tutors to teach Math, Science, English, Computer Science, and Coding to K-12 learners in the US. Based on the subject matter expertise and the preferred subjects, we provide job skills training and hire candidates once they clear the training process.






AcadMentors is a growth-oriented initiative launched to Upskill candidates to be well-seasoned online tutors. It is a platform for both experienced and freshers to learn about the nuances of online teaching. We equip candidates with the skills needed to teach international students and fill any knowledge gaps. Once candidates step into our training program, we train and hire them for our EdTech platform with good earning potential.