Who We Are?

AcadMentors is a part of Focus Edumatics Private Limited, an EdTech company with more than 15 years of industry experience. We’ve built our tutoring platforms to deliver a personalized learning experience for students. These platforms offer a variety of US-based tutoring solutions for the K–12 segment. We do this with the expertise of our well-equipped online tutors. They undergo proper training to teach US school students online and help them develop a passion for learning. As part of this cause, AcadMentors has been established to offer job skills training to aspirants to teach international students. We not only train the candidates to be expert online tutors but also promise 100% placement on clearing the training. It is a platform to get trained, get skilled, and get hired.

Who We Are


As part of our EdTech company’s development initiative, AcadMentors’ mission is to provide state-of-the-art job training for anyone interested in online teaching. It is a platform that provides both “job training” and “on-the-job training”. AcadMentors gives an opportunity to learn in-demand teaching and communication skills to teach US students. It also guarantees 100% placement upon clearing the training.

Job training + job opportunity = AcadMentors



We’re on a journey to recruit 14,000 plus online tutors to work for our growing EdTech company. AcadMentors was formed as part of this development effort to prepare all prospective candidates to be competent online tutors. AcadMentors’ vision is to train and upskill all our candidates to skillfully teach international students.