AcadMentors aims to train and employ 14000 online tutors in India by 2022
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The free training offered by AcadMentors is aimed at helping candidates rapidly improve their English competency, student management, computer, and soft skills to effectively teach international students.


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Key Statistics

It is a full-fledged, job-oriented training program designed to prepare potential candidates for employment.

  • Creating 14,000 jobs across India
  • Earning potential of Rs. 3,00,000 per annum
  • 4500+ active employees in production
  • Job offer on successful training completion & certification

Empowering candidates to gain exponential career growth in online tutoring


Our tutoring operations currently employ over 4,500 online tutors catering to international students

100% job

Upon successful course completion and certification, aspirants are eligible to be hired

AcadMentors is a program that guarantees a job offer to individuals who complete training and certification successfully. Graduates who complete the training and pass the evaluation will be eligible for employment.


The tutor training module focuses on the most important aspects of online tutoring. The course introduces the candidates to the fundamentals of the tutoring process, virtual classrooms, and tools. Our training program nurtures the trainees with instructional and student engagement strategies by strengthening their core subject knowledge to deliver lessons seamlessly to students abroad.

The Mentor

FREE Training

Full-time and part-time
online tutoring opportunities

WFH and WFO options are available

Convert your passion and talent for teaching into a steady source of income

Make your career dreams come true with AcadMentors. We are welcoming aspirants with any bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in the arts, science, or technology with prior or no experience to apply.

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Hear our tutors’ experiences who started just like you!

Shameer Ali Ameer Mustitha

  • Shameer Ali Ameer Mursitha
  • Online Tutor
  • in Mechanical Engineering

I received training from AcadMentors for more than 200 hours, which boosted my confidence and teaching abilities. As part of this training program, I was able to secure an online tutoring position with Focus Edumatics. It is a fantastic website that trains both new and experienced teachers to become online tutors. This training produces real learning, and I’m already applying what I learned at work.

Madhurima Saha

  • Madhurima Saha
  • Online Tutor
  • Economics Graduate

My passion is teaching, and I was looking for an online job opportunity. AcadMentors is one of the most effective training platforms I’ve used to pursue my passion. The assignments were well thought out. This training program assisted me in developing skills in virtual training, data analytics, and digital fluency. I am confident that I will be able to apply everything I learned in the training to my students at Focus Edumatics.

Julaiha sanofar Mohamed Abdullah

  • Julaiha Sanofar Mohamed Abdullah
  • Online Tutor
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch).

AcadMentors is a fantastic platform where I was able to improve my skills.
I aspired for the most effective training through AcadMentors and was quickly hired. This platform enables people to become fully trained in effectively assisting students online. It also provides a promising career opportunity. The training enables us to handle a wide range of students from various grades in a short period of time.


  • Shanavaz
  • Online Tutor, Math
  • B.Tech

I decided to pursue a career in education after finishing my engineering degree and receiving training from AcadMentors. The instructors provided a rich learning experience for each learner, and the course material was excellent. This training also assisted me in expanding my knowledge in a variety of subjects. I started my education career with Focus Edumatics through AcadMentors. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience.

D Suma Jyoth

  • D Suma Jyothi
  • Online Tutor

AcadMentors is the platform to supercharge your online teaching abilities. I have learned many things and have found the environment to be more interactive. I have been in touch with amicable staff and I also enjoy the training process and management. I learned how to teach children using an online platform after enrolling in this program. They even taught us how to adapt our teaching methods to the needs of the students. Because of the excellent training I received from AcadMentors, I was hired right away.

Jayakumar N

  • Jayakumar N
  • Team Lead, Tutoring
  • B.E

I’m Jayakumar Nagaraj. In December 2018, I began working as an Online Trainee tutor for AcadMentors. This training program assisted me in developing interpersonal skills. The feedback from the instructors was excellent, and it was extremely beneficial to me. With the help of that feedback, I learned the key principles of tutoring and applied them to my work, which helped me get promoted to Team Lead. I am grateful to AcadMentors for providing this opportunity.

Nishanthini Selvaraj

  • Nishanthini Selvaraj
  • Team Lead
  • B.Tech – Information Technology

I joined AcadMentors for Online Tutoring training. AcadMentors helped me develop into a patient, self-confident, resourceful and compassionate tutor. AcadMentors helped me understand the concepts and clarify the questions, which was one of the best things I experienced. After completing the training, I worked as an Online Tutor, and then I was promoted to a team lead. No one, in my opinion, does it better than AcadMentors. Loved it!

Piyali Das Dutta

  • Piyali Das Dutta
  • Online Tutor | Math
  • M. Sc. Botany

After my graduation, I joined AcadMentors which helped me to get hired. Thanks to AcadMentors, I am currently employed as an Online Tutor at Focus Edumatics. AcadMentors have an excellent environment to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Since enrolling, I’ve participated in a variety of courses and tasks to enhance my teaching skills. It helped me in researching new approaches and methods to help improve my skills and knowledge.

ArunkumarVinod Kumar

  • Arunkumar Vinod Kumar
  • Online Tutor | Math
  • B, E. – Mechanical Engineering

When I first joined AcadMentors, I had no idea what to expect, but they provided me with ongoing training to help me become a successful online educator, and I eventually became one. I completed a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, but I enjoy feeling as though I am making a difference in someone’s life now. There is no doubt that joining AcadMentors was the right decision.


Program Type

Tutor Training & Recruitment Program


15-45 days

Program Fee



On-demand program. Need Internet connection and a computer with webcam

Program Type : Tutor Training & Recruitment                                Program

Duration : 15-45 days
Program Fee : FREE

Session : On-demand program. Need Internet                     connection and a computer with                           webcam

Course Overview

Course Overview

The tutor training and recruitment program focuses on the most important aspects of the rapidly growing online tutoring industry. It is a comprehensive program that prepares candidates for online tutoring by teaching them the fundamentals of online teaching. It focuses on teaching skills that will be required for future online learning and teaching, such as virtual training, consulting, data analytics, digital fluency, and more, as a future-oriented program. The program’s design prioritizes on-the-job training as the primary method of instruction, ensuring that learning is not solely academic. A job will be guaranteed to those who successfully complete the tutoring program. After completing the training, you will receive a certificate issued by AcadMentors.

Program Content

The trainee tutors will learn instructional methodologies, student engagement approaches, and tutoring process skills in order to teach international students. They will study core subject topics in math, science, English, computers, and social science from Grade 3 through higher grades, all of which are based on the US curriculum. Depending on their field of study/subject, candidates will be trained to mentor K-12 students.

Program Highlights

  • The training is absolutely free of charge.
  • Upon completion of training and certification, you are eligible to be hired.
  • Experiential Learning.
  • A certificate will be issued.

Program Delivery

The training sessions will be conducted via a fully responsive interactive LMS platform and can be accessed by learners on their desktops or laptops. It is a self-serving platform that helps learners get access to the course materials, keep track of the reports and assessments, and get a digital certificate on completion of the course.

Program overview

The AcadMentors Tutor Training and Recruitment Initiative offers job seekers a great chance to become experienced online tutors. It’s a no-cost program that trains and employs recent graduates and experienced individuals as online tutors. Candidates will be taught how to teach international students online as well as develop the necessary skills. It’s also a good opportunity for stay-at-home moms who want to get back to work. As a result of our growth and business needs, we now offer free training and job opportunities to graduates interested in becoming online tutors.

Who should attend?

The Online Tutor Training program is designed for those who want to begin a career as an online tutor. People who are enthusiastic about teaching are encouraged to apply. Recent graduates with any bachelor’s degree, those with one or more years of work experience, and homemakers are all eligible to apply. When it comes to tutoring students over the internet, good communication skills are essential.


Graduates.png file

Graduate degree
in any stream


Good communication


Freshers/ Experienced
candidates can apply


There is no age bar
for applying

housewives.png file

Housewives who would
like to resume their career
can also apply

Admission Criteria

  • A graduate degree is required to attend the training
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Those interested in WFH should have a laptop or desktop computer with a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, and headphones
  • There is no age bar for applying
  • Willing to work the night shift
  • Freshers/ Experienced candidates can apply
  • Housewives who would like to resume their careers can also apply
  • The daily training schedules are explicit, and the trainee should be able to follow them strictly

Attendance Criteria

  • Trainees must complete all assigned LMS courses by the deadline.
  • Attend all the training classes/webinars and practice mock sessions without any absence.

Evaluation Methodology


  • The Trainers will continuously monitor the performance of the Trainee tutors in terms of Language, Process, and Content knowledge through Assessments, Quizzes, and Assignments.
  • In the event of continuous absenteeism and unsatisfactory performance, a candidate can be removed from the training program.


When trainees meet the attendance requirements and the evaluation criteria, they will receive a course completion certificate issued by AcadMentors.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am interested. How to join?
If you are interested in enrolling in the AcadMentors program, please click here: enter your details.
2. What is next after registering?

Candidates who register will receive the LMS URL, the username, and the password to access the portal to their registered email ID. There will be three screening tests given. Once they pass the tests, they will get access to the training courses. There will be a final assessment test following the 200 hours of training. Candidates will receive certification from AcadMentors after passing the final evaluation and training.

3. Is AcadMentors a free program?

Yes, when you sign up for the program, you get access to our training courses and 200+ hours of sessions.

4. Will AcadMentors help me find a teaching job?

Yes, it is a program that provides job skills training and career prospects to individuals who successfully complete the training. We employ them to work on our Edtech platform.

5. Know more about the job!

We are training and hiring potential candidates to teach K–12 international students in the US. It is entirely an online tutoring opportunity that upskills tutors to teach US high school students.

6. Who will teach me, and how?

Our mentors and subject matter experts will guide our trainees. It is a 45-day training program on LMS. You will be learning instructional strategies to teach international students and other student engagement processes and tutoring techniques.

7. Where are your centers located?

Our head office is located in Bengaluru city. The training, however, is available on our learning management system.

8. Do I need a B.Ed degree to be an online tutor?

We prefer candidates with a graduate degree in any field with good communication skills. Having a B.Ed degree is a plus but not mandatory.

9. I am a fresher. Can I apply?

Yes, freshers who are willing to start a career in online tutoring are welcome to apply.

10. I am an experienced professional in teaching. Can I apply?

Having prior teaching experience is an added advantage. If you wish to start or restart your career in tutoring online, you can enroll right away.

11. Will I get a certificate?

Yes, your training will be acknowledged and, for undergoing training and graduating, you will be certified by AcadMentors to work on our Edtech platform.